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Clean Home™ Bath Mat

Clean Home™ Bath Mat

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The Clean Home™ Mat is a necessity in every household. No one like water drops on the floor after a hot shower or after washing dishes. This super absorbant mat is the answer! 


Minimum Cleanup

 To reduce cleanup the amount if cleanup, the Clean Home™ Mat actually stays absorbed and doesn't squish and leak water. 
 Non-Slip Rubber to Prevent Falls
The bottom of the mat includes a rubber non slip bottom with a firm grip to prevent slippage and falls.  
There's Levels
Clean Home™ Mat is made of Nappa Leather , Sponge, foan absorbant, and a non-slip rubber bottom

Size Guide

 Small 40x60cm / 15.7 x 23.6 inch

Regular 45x150cm / 17.32 x 59.05 inch


Wash Care

Hand wash or by machine(Mild cycle) are available

①The washing maximum temperature 30 ℃.

② Do not bleach.

③ Do not rollover dry.



Surface is Napa skin, Durable.

Bottom is Rubber Anti-slip , effective anti-skid function.


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